Any stops time. But if Clau is also involved they both can then mess-up time.

We know Clau is usually to blame when the space-time continuum is broken. At least on alternate stories. It is fun when Clau breaks things. So from now on, this comic will center on Clau and her time-altering stories.

Say what? OK, maybe this is only our April’s Fools story for today!

This page is a gift from Gregory Taylor, as part of the WebComic Chat April’s Fools exchange. Gregory draws and writes Any~Qs,  a very clever comic where math equations are drawn as cool hipsters. You should read it and discover what did he got for the exchange.

And you can also visit a favorite of ours, the thrilling October 20th comic, to see what Rulo and Séreméla did there for the April festivities.

OK. Past Séreméla is sending her future self the inks for next page.

So stay tuned!