Today we start an exciting, multi-part crossover with the characters of our friend comic, The Ruby Nation.

What would happen if the M9 Girls were recruited by Beagle Labs, a few years before the later became instrumental for the raise of the Apex State in Ruby’s universe? This imaginary story pits both M9 and Ruby characters against the relentless of the Apex State in a test of spirit and loyalty.

Story by Rulopótamo, art by Neil Kapit.

M9 Girls © by Rulopótamo

Ruby’s Nation © by Neil Kapit

>> Part 1

The M9 State

A M9 Girls / Ruby’s World Crossover

M9 State Prologue



The morning was bright over the University main campus. The girls walked lazily among the booths.

“Boring recruitment fairs are boring”, stated Clau, looking at the stands.

“Well, I’m only here for the free pizza”, retorted Pato with her signature wry smile.

“Look over there”, said Any, quietly, pointing to the booth on the far end.

“Not another lab, Any”, said Pato, rolling her eyes. “You know what happened the last time we got involved with a lab.”

They were close to the booth now, and the man sitting behind it was looking at them with interest.

“Well, girls, it says here that Beagle Labs is one of the top bio-engineering facilities in the world”. And Karla made a display of showing them the info on her cell phone.

“Indeed we are”, said the man behind the booth, catching the girls’ attention. “Perhaps you are looking for a rewarding job in the industry?”

“Well, we are biology majors”, said Any, greeting the man.

“With a minor in genetics, actually”, interjected Karla, smiling.

“Why don’t we discuss your career opportunities, then?” And the man produced a presentation card.

“Yes, why not?” said Pato, with a longing side look towards the pizza stands.

“I can assure you, young ladies, that working at Beagle Labs is a life-changing experience.”

And Any’s eyes twinkled blue. The man was absolutely sincere.

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