Well, friends, here is the bookend to wrap things up. Thus ends the M9 Girls / Ruby Nation crossover.

I had lots of fun writing this crossover, it is always a huge task to write histories based on other people’s universes. Thanks again to Neil for the opportunity to do this.

Hope you liked it.

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The M9 State


The Girls were walking among the booths, Pato leading the way.

“That was interesting”, said Any, excitedly.

“I agree”, said Pato. “But seriously, Any, we have a great job already. The pay is handsome; the research we do is, well… exciting!”

“I am making costumes”, said Karla, happily.

“You are doing what?” Pato looked at her friend with a puzzled look, then her attention was distracted by something else. “Ah! Pizza stand!”

Karla took Clau’s hand and let herself be guided to the pizza stand. Pato signaled Any to follow with a glance.

Any smiled.

“Yeah, you are right. Probably.”

Any looked at the Beagle Labs card in her hand, and the trashcan next to her. She flipped the card in her fingers and made for the trashcan. She stood there for a second… and then put the card in her pocket.