You expected Pato to be that enthusiastic about seeing you again, right Simon?

Some questions will be answered next page, dear readers.

In case you don’t keep up with the author’s comments of this comic (how could you!?), let us re-introduce the nice fellow on the screen.

Meet Simon. Until recently, he has been a supporting cast member of the comic Groovy, Kinda. The M9 Girls met Simon and the rest of the Groovy, Kinda cast in this epic cross-over:

Yes, the cross-over is canon in both comics!

Well, it looks like Simon got a crush on Pato since that day, even though she was being her usual sourly self. So, after some attempts at trying to find out about Pato’s whereabouts, Simon made a stunning decision: to strand himself in the M9 Girls Universe! This momentous decision was first published in the Groovy, Kinda pages, created in collaboration by the authors and artists of both comics:

So, this is how Simon ended up in Any’s screen. Well, Rulo and Séreméla are happy to welcome Simon to the regular cast of M9 Girls.

We want to give a hi-5 to Charlie Wise, the criminal mind behind Groovy, Kinda, for making this possible and for creating Simon. We must say we are very proud about this, as this kind of permanent crossing-over has never been attempted in comic-dom, as far as we know!

So, welcome, Simon, to the M9 Girls universe, and don’t worry: we are sure Pato will be mollified by next page.