We Girls like comics!

Here is a list of the comics that the Girls and their creators enjoy, in no particular order, check them out, you might find something you like:


Princess Chroma. If you like M9 Girls, chances are you like Magical Girls. June Summer is everything but your typical magical girl, however. Follow her adventures as she slowly but surely deconstructs the genre.



Blitz Phoenix. Surely, you also like super powers, right? Terry has been given powers by his mad scientist mother. Too bad she’s not really the maternal type.




The Black Mudpuppy. Banished god Xólotl is a reluctant super hero trying to do good deeds to regain his godly status. He tries hard. Really.



Zukahnaut. Another reluctant hero type, Zukah just wants to live a normal life. Being green and living in a world where interdimensional portals are the norm, this is not easy. Excellent art reminiscent of the Golden Age era.



The Ruby Nation. Being a super powered being is not always easy. Ruby must take the leadership of the enhanced humans in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, where her kind is persecuted and experimented on.






I, mummy. A steampunk comic about a teenage mummy and the curse that keeps her alive.




Kyria. RPGs never looked this good. Follow adventurer Xerxes and his ragtag company as they battle monsters and villains with style!



StarPunch Girl. Awesome illustrations! Find out why StarPunch Girl created a human world and whether she will be a merciful god to those creatures as she combats her arch-enemy in complete card-game fashion! A must-read.


Vatican Assassins. Just what it says on the can. Follow the secret task force of young recruits as they forge bonds and try to relate to each other in order to battle demonic forces and expose sinister secrets.



Doodling Around. Teenage twins Rina and Angie like to draw comics. Get to know them and their friends as they enjoy their hobbies and experience the nuances of growing up, like surviving Junior High and falling in love. Girls approved!





Deliree. Do you believe in faeries? Xochitl doesn’t, which might be problematic when this particular faery is committed to find her One True Love, and Xochitl doesn’t have a say in it.




Groovy, Kinda. In a world not quite like ours, Larry tries to make sense of his relationship with not one, but two very complicated women! Hexapods included.





Pear-Pear. This has to be seen to be believed. The adventures and misadventures of a pear and his coffee cup friend. It gets much more complex than that, we promise.



Smaller Totems. Another one with an interesting premise. Valiant stuffed animals defend their owners from the dark nightmares. As good and profound as it sounds.





Rasputin Catamite. Since we are on profound stuff, you should try this one: a complex and layered story following a group of very twisted youngsters in Siberia. This is NSFW, but cool nevertheless.



October 20th. Not your typical horror story. A group of people from around the world must band together to try and defeat the entity that claims one of their lives each October 20th. But do they know the whole truth?


The Daemon Archives. Sci-fi at its finest. Super soldier Tenzin tries to put his inner demons to rest while he fights to reclaim some order in a ravaged post-apocalyptic world.



The Last Tomorrow. Steampunk-inspired short story by the creators of Princess Chroma and M9 Girls. A self-contained short story about a couple of apocalyptic warriors and the paths not taken.