Happy Winter’s Solstice!

Once again, the Comic Underdogs are doing an exchange. This year’s theme is “Potluck party”. So the M9 Girls are attending a Christmas party (or a Posada, I’m not sure) and everyone is pitching in. While Karlita and Clau decided to bake a cake (OK, Karla probably bought it), Any decided to try some … uhm… radical cooking herself. Pato, on the other hand, had just enough time to shop around for some goodies before the party.

We got to do the exchange with Racheal Diehl, author of KelpieSpirit Comics, where she features On the Island, a slice-of-life comic about a stranded couple and their antics as they try to live life as usual. You know the drill, go take a look.

This is what Kanela did for them.


Hope you enjoy this exchange. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays overall. See you around the next year for the next chapter on the M9 Girls saga.

Oh, and also, you can sneak a look at the M9 Girls’ Diaries, where Pato tells us about their photo shoot.

Well, Happy Holidays. Cheers from the M9 Girls team!