We have participated in several crossovers with many friends from the Webcomic community.

Want to see? Take a look at these cool stories and pictures! They tell a little about each of our personalities, and about our webcomic friends.

Stories and Fanfics Group Pictures RPG adventure

 Stories and FanFics

More recent stories are listed first.

The M9 State. A Crossover with Ruby Nation.

The M9 state

What would happen if the M9 Girls were recruited by the shady Beagle Labs? Would the Girls remain idealistic after the rise of the Apex State? The very dramatic story is told in installments, starting here. A trivia page about the crossover is kept here.


The Amazing Groovy, Kinda crossover.

Groovy, Kinda crossover

Larry and Stephanie use the discombobulationotron and end-up in the M9 Girls’ locker room. Hijinks ensue.


Theater of the Bloody Tongue: A night at the theater.


Clau’s dimensional traveling takes her to the London underground scene, where she sees Ariane Eldar perform in a rather radical avant garde play at the Theater of the Bloody Tongue (link might be NSFW).


Blue Elysium. A Crossover with Princess Chroma.

The Girls fight the Monochromes

How did Any end up pictured  in a stained glass in Elysium? Wonder no more, the epic story is told here, where the M9 Girls face the Monochrome menace in Earth, and Any finds her courage tested.


Team Work. A Crossover with Blitz Phoenix.

The M9 Girls team-up with super-powered teenager Terry in order to save the day. Find out why this team-up is indeed special here.


Displaced. A Crossover with the Daemon Archives.

Part of the Crossover Dating Service Diaries initiative, Clau goes on a date out of her time. Transported to a strange time, she meets Sifo Kubek, the gruff commander of the Aegis, a group tasked with keeping peace in a post-war world. Read Clau’s story here. And don’t forget to read Sifo’s account of the date.


Girls’ Night Out. A Crossover with Cesium.

Vero Dates Dan form Cesium

Also part of the Crossover Dating  Service Diaries. Vero and Karla double date Dan and Mike, the grad students from Cesium. Dan’s attempts to woo Karla end up badly when Karla sets him up with her socially awkward friend Vero instead. Can these two survive the date? And, how will Mike fare in his date with the flirtatious Karla? Read Vero’s story here. And check Dan’s version there.


Autumn Bay Dimensional sneak-in.


Dr. Deacon got to peek into different realities in Autumn Bay. It looks like the M9 Girls universe is one of them!


El Sueño de Anahí. A Crossover with Coma.

Melita is in coma, so she is unable to leave the Realm of Dreams. Any is having a nightmare and maybe Melita’s friends can help her. Our very first crossover. In Spanish, so have that translator handy!


Exchanges and group pics.

We have shared the limelight with a lot of our web comic friends. What do you think of these wonderful pictures?

Valentine’s Exchange 2015: The Game of Love


The Game of Love is the theme of this year’s Valentine’s exchange. Karla’s hide-and-seek game is about to become memorable when Poharex pays a visit! Beautifully rendered by DoryT, from Poharex.

 New Year’s Eve 2014

Clau attends a New Year Party along some other Underdogs characters.

Halloween 40s Party 2014.


The Underdogs 40s-themed Halloween Party. Various artists. Clau by Kanela. Integrated by Sean Martin.


WebComic Underdogs First Anniversary Group Picture.

Photo Extravaganza
Coordinated by Melaredblu. Various artists (M9 Girls by Séreméla). Modeled after the famous Beatles cover, the Underdogs took this wonderful group picture to celebrate. Find Vero as Mae West, Pato as Vegas Girl, Any as Marilyn Monroe, Clau as Petty Girl and Karlita as Ringo! And have fun identifying all the Underdogs!

Crisis of Infinite Underdogs.

Amazing fan art by Michael Yakutis to commemorate the Webcomic Underdogs First Anniversary. Here we are channeling the classic DC saga. Find Any in the Wonder Woman spot.

Underdogs New Year’s Party 2013

Fan art by Neil Kapit, depicting Space Lincoln New Year’s party. Any got to attend and looks like she had a great time!


Space Lincoln and the Underdogs.

Fan Art by Melaredblu. Here started the long tradition of group pics. We kind of like the space helmets. And Pato is making new friends!

WCUD Draw-Around: Feeding Day at the zoo.

Organized by Jala Prendes, collaboration by various artists (Clau and hippo by Rulopótamo). Of course Clau is feeding a hippo.

Tomboy and Posh. A Princess Chroma crossover.

Art by Kanela, colors by Rulo.
We know Karlita and June would be instant friends, right? Well, they both seem to favor pink…

Halloween Exchange 2013: M9 Girls as Doodling Around.

Art by Kanela. The Girls go trick-or-treating dressed-up as Doodling Around characters: Pato as Uhm-bah, Any as Angie, Clau as Rina and Karlita as Chiqui.

Halloween Exchange 2013: Vatican Assassins as M9 Girls!

And here is the counterpart of the exchange. Art by MJ Massey.

Valentine’s Love Children.


Probably the most hilarious picture from this exchange, here is the hypothetical child of Pato and Zukahnaut!

RPG Adventure.

A game at the Webcomic Underdogs site, where creators left their characters loose to interact with each other.

Clau’s fiddling with unknown tech got us stranded at the Lincoln Inter-dimensional Hotel, where we got to interact with many interesting characters. At the hotel we got to befriend the Grim Reaper, an avian alchemist, a time adventurer, water demons and a sultry sorceress, among other colorful characters.

Check the hotel description.

Read the main RPG adventure.

Read a sideline adventure involving Pato  (you should read this the moment Pato teleports out of the main room).

Here are some pics of our RPG interactions (Art by Kanela, colors by Rulo)

Pato and Xerxes miscommunication problems

Mordecai consoles Clau

Any befriends Stem