The world of the M9 Girls

Las chicas M9... y una amiga

We are complicated, what did you expect? Anyway, let’s try and tell you a little bit about us.

We attend college and, during our free time,  work part-time for Professor T.X. in a science project. A science project that went thru a –uh– interesting turn recently. We have changed as a result, though we are the same fun-loving, sometimes geeky,  girls.

The M9 Girls 

 Anahí (Any)


 Though introspective and quiet, Any has a willful spirit and a perfectionist nature, so she naturally assumes the leadership of the team. Becoming a leader, well, that is a different matter. As Blue Destiny, she is able to slow time to almost a halt in a bubble around her. She can also read other people’s emotions, which becomes basic telepathy if she concentrates enough.


Paty (Pato)


Cheerful and care-free, but also bluntly ironic, Pato goes thru life one day at a time. She is usually the voice of reason within the team, however she prefers to be the official party girl. Her powers as Purple Space are the ability to teleport to any place she can get her bearings to, and the ability to absorb the properties of any material she touches.  


Claudia (Clau)


Her friends describe her as a “caffeine-addicted hamster”, and for a reason: Clau is an intense, hyperactive, effervescent girl. Though usually optimistic, Clau is also prone to be overtaken by her emotions. She uses the name White Energy. She is a telekinetic, and can also fire energy bursts from her hands.  


Karla (Karlita)


 Self-confident and ultimate socialite, Karla joined the M9 Girls in order to get some homework done. However she discovered an increasing affinity with the girls, so she keeps hanging-out with them despite her usually busy schedule. Her alter ego is Pink Starlight. She can produce light flashes and brilliant sparks, and can also become invisible.  


The Allies

VeroVero (Golden). Reclusive and sullen, Vero prefers to be known by her alter-ego. She loves martial arts and has a way with gadgets and technology. Ironically, at college she hangs out with Karla, whom she considers her best friend.

Profesor T.X.Professor T.X. He holds Ph.D.s in Physics  and Genetics. The Professor seems to have severed links with his past, living in auto-imposed exile. Though agreeable, most of the time he becomes lost in his inner thoughts.