The M9 Girls 

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We are the M9 Girls. We are college students and got to do this wonderful internship for a cool science project. The thing is that this science project has had some unexpected consequences!

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The Allies


Vero (Golden)

Reclusive and sullen, Vero prefers to be known by her alter-ego. She loves martial arts and has a way with gadgets and technology. Ironically, at college she hangs out with Karla, whom she considers her best friend.

Profesor T.X.

Professor T.X.

He holds Ph.D.s in Physics  and Genetics. The Professor seems to have severed links with his past, living in auto-imposed exile. Though agreeable, most of the time he becomes lost in his inner thoughts.


We are the M9 Girls! Heroines in the making.

Las chicas M9... y una amiga