The Comic

The M9 Girls in costume

They can channel the universe’s primordial energy, but that might not help them graduating from college…

Any was an unassuming college student, until she was offered an intern job by a handsome and reclusive benefactor.
Along with her friends, snarky Pato, caffeine-fueled Clau, and sociable Karlita,  Any thought that they were getting an ordinary scientific research job. Instead, they gained primordial superpowers activated by subatomic radiation, and became the M9 Girls!

Cherished friendships will be tested. Powerful enemies will emerge. Fashion choices will be questioned.
Armed with their newfound abilities, Any, Pato, Clau, and Karlita, will protect the world from evil forces, while trying to finish college with a decent GPA.


The Authors

  • RulopótamoRulopótamo, writer. The criminal mind behind this project, Rulo has dreams in Technicolor and is fatally addicted to caffeine. He studied hard in order to be someone in life, and some people actually think he succeeded in such large enterprise. Rulo has published short fiction and a couple of scientific papers nobody really understands. Rulo loves movies and is a good fiction fan. He sings in the shower and sometimes also in front of friends who don’t know any better and keep encouraging him.  He loves almost any kind of music although he has a weakness for 80’s bands that nobody seem to remember any more. And, yes, he has a strange fascination with hippopotamuses.
  • SerémélaSéreméla, art. She is the current penciler and colorist. Séreméla loves drawing and nothing makes her more happy than creating nice doodles and pin-ups. Before working on M9 Girls, she used to create illegal drawings. Given that she is in charge of penciling cross-overs with other comics here, it is quite likely her work is still on the limits of legality.


  • DanieKanela, art. The designer of the Girls’ looks, and current cover artist. Half night entity, 1/8 geek, 1/4 gamer and 100% otaku, she is a major in Industrial Design, and self-proclaimed artist, she is  in love with alternative & jazzy music…rock….and a gorgeous cocktail of Asian genres,  though her favorite band is MUSE. She spent over 9 years learning the style of Japanese drawing on her own,  to the point that she eventually created an style of her own . She does oil painting when she can afford it, but most of the time she is so on this side of the poverty line that she draw on napkins.
  • Kari Liu, banners. She does banners and invited colors. She likes walking, candy and cranberries. She dislikes the sun, heat and getting sunburned (see a pattern here?); she also dislikes physical exertion (duh!). Among her quirks, she speaks Japanese, Korean and Spanish (at least, she is trying to speak those with the help of  her intermediate level classes). She has three turtles, three fishes and two dogs.
M9 Girls! Copyright  © RuloPótamo, 2011-2016