The Comic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic  – Arthur C. Clarke

M9 Girls! is the team of four college girls who are granted the ability to absorb and channel the primordial energy of the universe, thus endowing them with amazing powers. Things might be more than meet the eye as the girls discover the motives behind their transformation. Soon, the girls realize that they have many things to learn, about their powers, their mysterious mentor, and about themselves.

M9 Girls! was born from the imagination and hallucinations of Rulopotamo after a trivial chat about superpowers that refused to die, and ended up in a couple of sketches that were buried in a drawer until they were rescued to be re-interpreted by Kanela.

The original M9 Girls

About us

  • RuloRulopótamo. The criminal mind behind this project, Rulo dreams in Technicolor and is fatally addicted to caffeine. He studied hard in order to be someone in life, and some people actually think he succeeded in such large enterprise.  Still, during the sleepless nights, Rulo is a starving writer: after all, it is way much cheaper to write down the aforementioned Technicolor dreams than paying a psychologist fee. Rulo has published his non-scientific work with independent publishers; that includes fantastic tales as well as saccharine poetry that he managed to hide within an erotic anthology. His other publications, as it often happens with authors that have a real day job, will probably be read only by four or five geeks at a library. Rulo loves movies and is a good fiction fan, he sings in the shower and sometimes in front of friends who don’t know any better and keep encouraging him.  He loves almost any kind of music although he has a weakness for 80’s bands that nobody seem to remember any more. And, yes, he has a strange fascination with hippopotamuses.
  • DanieKanela (Danie I). The creative hand who brings the Girls to life. In her own words: Half night entity, 1/8 geek, 1/4 gamer and 100% otaku, I major in Industrial Design, I am a self-proclaimed artist, who lives in Toluca because of college masochism and misses the sea of her homeland: Cancún. Recently I’ve got a BAMBOO Tablet and since then I cheat on my stylus with her… even though both make me extremely happy. I love alternative & jazzy music…rock….and a gorgeous cocktail of Asian genres,  though my favorite band is MUSE. As of lately I think Koreans are more handsome than Japanese,  but I will settle for any of those. °A° Bloodelf arcane wizard 85 on WoW, I recently grow tired of my server and started playing AION <—> Character design is gorgeous!! *w* I collect the movies of Hayao Miyazaki and love anime and manga. I have spent 9 years self teaching me on the style of Japanese drawing,  to the point that I have added a little bit of my own :9 I do oil painting on my free time and when I can afford it, but most of the time I am so on this side of the poverty line that I draw on napkins. Art is art, that’s what I think. Colors are my life, I don’t know what would become of me if I could not see.

Our Team

  • SerémélaSéreméla. Crossovers penciler and understudy artist. She used to create illegal drawings. Since she is doing cross-overs here, it is quite likely her work is still on the limits of legality.



  • Kari Liu. Banners and invited colors. She likes walking, candy and cranberries. She dislikes the sun, heat and getting sunburned (see a pattern here?); she also dislikes physical exertion (duh!). Among her quirks, she speaks Japanese, Korean and Spanish (at least, she is trying to speak those with the help of  her intermediate level classes). Se has three turtles, three fishes and two dogs.
M9 Girls! Copyright  © RuloPótamo, 2011-2015