Karla here.

I had seen Any and her friends at the corridors, or walking around the science fairs. They seemed like such geeks (don’t you dare say I am a geek too, OMG!), but it turns out they are actually fun to hang out. And it helps to be around Any when I am stuck with the chemistry classes.

I’m really glad Any invited me for the genetics internship. I like working at a real lab, and I think Clau is actually cool! It was actually pretty easy to convince her to come to my place at the beach for the holiday. And she convinced the others.

Pato emptied my beer allowance pretty fast, wow! I’m sure Any enjoyed my pink martinis. Anyway, we had lots of fun and managed to get a nice tan for a change. That lab needs some serious sunlight!

Back at work for now. Gotta catch up with the girls. I’m sure they’ll smile when they see this in our office board!