Pato’s notes:

We spend some time taking the pics for the IDs.

Naturally, we could not start the photo session until Karla finished touching her make-up. Dude, that girl carries some serious make-up kit on her purse!

Well, that could have been all. In fact, I’m not even sure why we need the pictures, as the lab is quite empty and the Professor usually opens the facilities for us to work, and leaves us completely alone most of the time. Eccentric geniuses…

But, since we started this training thing, Clau and Karla took the super-hero thing a little bit too seriously, and they convinced the Professor we needed new IDs.

OK, let’s get over with it! Except that Clau cannot stand still for two seconds! Two seconds! I swear the idea of teleporting to Timbuktu crossed my mind!

Anyway, time to go, the night is still young around here…